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DON200 messer


DON300 messer


DON350 messer


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DON Pro messer









Alloy Kebab Cutter Specification


  • High quality Alloy Casing
  • Auto overload breaker
  • 1.5m Power Lead
  • 24v Power Supply
  • 4800 RPM
  • Maximum Power 60 watts
  • Max Output 5 Amps
  • Input 110-240v
  • Wiper
  • 800 grams weight
  • Self lubricated bearing
  • Thickness Adjustable
  • 80mm Stainless Blade
  • Two way locking stainless front cover
  • Safety Blade retaining screw
  • Easy to CLEAN
  • Cuts kebab meat, chicken, pork, veal. The Ultimate slicer - Alloy cutter Kebab.
    Manufactured in England


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