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Donexe® are the Leading kebab knife manufacturers in the UK.
Donexe is the only company in the World that offers 5 models. One for every type of consumer. "one-stop" Shop

Donexe® knives are manufactured with high quality materials
Donexe has made the Shawarma knife that performs and saves time for those who use hand knives.

Donexe® slicers and cutters are manufactured in England
Donexe slicers, Donexe cutters, Donexe gyros knife, Donexe kebab knife, Donexe kebab cutter.


5 KEBAB KNIFE MODELS - one for every business

DON200 Kebab knife

DON300 Kebab slicer

DON350 doner knife

DON400 Shawarma knife

DON-Pro donair cutter

Donexe Parts

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Donexe, Clipper Road, Leicester, LE4 9JE, United Kingdom
Tel: 0116 246 4455 - Fax: 0116 350 0161

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